The Spiritual Brain: Science and Religious Experience

Does God exist? Do we have a soul? Is it possible to make contact with a spiritual realm? How should we respond to the divine? Will life continue beyond death? 

Whether you are a deeply religious person, a spiritual seeker, or one who has come to doubt or disbelieve in a spiritual power, you have probably pondered these questions and at least begun to answer them for yourself. In fact, archaeological and historical records show that even the earliest humans were aware of a spiritual realm and developed religious practices as a result. 

One of humanity’s most awesome forces, the spread and practice of religion has exerted a profoundly outsized effect on individuals and entire civilizations, altering the course of history. The religious impulse is so powerfully pervasive that neuroscience has posed a provocative question: Are our brains wired to worship? 

"The Spiritual Brain: Science and Religious Experience" offers you 24 riveting lectures that explore the new and exciting field of neurotheology, a discipline aimed at understanding the connections between our brains and different kinds of religious phenomena. 

You will explore questions such as: How do religious experiences originate? What is their meaning? And why does religion play such a huge role in human experience?

Spiritual Practices for a Powerful Brain                                    

Recent studies at the cutting edge of neuroscience have proved a startling connection between spirituality and cognitive function. 

In short: Under certain circumstances, spiritual practice can make your brain dramatically more powerful. 

Drawing on what he discovered about the "God-brain connection" during his years of research, Andrew has developed a collection of nine targeted spiritual practices designed to help anyone, of any background or belief system, enrich their mind and body as well as their soul. 

In the six sessions of this groundbreaking program, he details these practices and offers guidelines for their implementation, along with the fascinating science and research behind them. In addition, you'll discover:

  • Which spiritual practice is right for you?
  • The three "musts" of effective spiritual practice
  • Are you suffering from your brain's "mistakes"?
  • How to instantly relax
  • The easiest way to eliminate anger
  • The extraordinary benefits of praying in a church or synagogue... and why you don't have to go to either to get them
  • Spiritual and religious practices to avoid (some of which may surprise you)