In this original and groundbreaking book, Andrew Newberg and Mark Robert Waldman turn their attention to the pinnacle of the human experience: enlightenment. Through his brain- scan studies on Brazilian psychic mediums, Sufi mystics, Buddhist meditators, Franciscan nuns, Pentecostals, and participants in secular spirituality rituals, Andrew has discovered the specific neurological mechanisms associated with the enlightenment experience—and how we might activate those circuits in our own brains.
In his survey of more than one thousand people who have experienced enlightenment, Andrew has also discovered that in the aftermath they have had profound, positive life changes. Enlightenment offers us the possibility to become permanently less stress-prone, to break bad habits, to improve our collaboration and creativity skills, and to lead happier, more satisfying lives. Relaying the story of his own transformational experience as well as including the stories of others who try to describe an event that is truly indescribable, Andrew brings us a new paradigm for deep and lasting change.

Praise for the Book

“I love every book I have read from Andy Newberg and Mark Waldman and this book is their best yet. How Enlightenment Changes Your Brain is a book you just can’t put down. It will show you how enlightenment is real with clear underpinnings in the brain. From looking at the brains of Brazilian psychic mediums, Sufi mystics, Buddhist monks, Franciscan nuns and Pentecostals this books takes you on a fascinating ride and shines a light on wisdom and insight. If you want to know more about the deeply human and spiritual parts of your brain, read this book.”
— Daniel G. Amen, M.D., founder, Amen Clinics, author of Change Your Brain, Change Your Life
"An incredible book! Newberg and Waldman’s “Spectrum of Human Awareness” is especially brilliant, providing the reader with a “how-to” map to shift between different states of human consciousness. They have dozens of experiential exercises to help you gain greater emotional control as you tap into the creative wisdom of your mind. Read it, apply it, and be enlightened!" 
— John Assaraf, chairman & CEO of NeuroGym, author of The New York Times bestseller The Answer
"This extraordinary book shows you how to tap into mental powers you never knew you had, and release your full potential for living a great life."
— Brian Trac, author of Maximum Achievement

"Humans were experiencing enlightenment millennia before fMRI brain scanners were invented. Yet, modern imaging techniques unquestionably add to the fascination of the correlations between consciousness and brain function. Newberg and Waldman's book brings these findings up to date. How Enlightenment Changes Your Brain is a feast for anyone interested in the neurophysiology of the spiritual quest."
— Larry Dossey, M.D., author of One Mind: How Our Individual Mind Is Part of a Greater Consciousness and Why It Matters